Mohamad Bin Ahmad

American University of Beirut, Lebanon

I am Moroccon-Lebanese. I am currently studying Civil Engineering at AUB, with hopes of becoming a future business consultant who owns his own consulting firm. I have good leadership and communication skills and love meeting new people. I am close to my family and friends, and love spending time with them. I also love to travel, and have so far visited more than 10 countries in total. I find different cultures fascinating and love to see how other people live. In addition, I love playing sports, especially swimming and football: I'm excellent at those. I love summertime, and I love sleeping. If I could get paid to do that, then it would be a great job. I also enjoy listening to music and attending concerts; I find the energy and dynamism of people refreshing. I am a very loyal person to those who are worthy of my friendship. I always, always speak my mind, and I have very strong opinions about everything. I love debating and exchanging ideas with others, it's very stimulating to the soul.

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