Selma Zaki

American University of Beirut, Lebanon

My name is Selma Zaki and I was born in Richmond Virginia. I moved to Lebanon when I was 5 and went to two different schools with completely different mentality and culture. My mum is Palestinian and my dad is Iraqi but both of them are quite familiar with the Lebanese culture. I like to identify myself as Lebanese, but I believe that Lebanese citizens have a hard time defining their culture so it is easier for me to define myself with my principles.

I'm studying psychology because I feel like it's the field where I can both make a living and help people. And is super interesting.

I appreciate arts and culture and my main ambition is to learn and grow as a person and one way to do so is to travel.

I am way too curious about life and more specifically the human kind that I enjoy spending my time discovering the world through different mediums.

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