Kate Rosenzweig

Emerson College, Boston, MA, USA

I am a senior at Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts proudly from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I am a Media Studies major, which is an analytical study of media: mainly television and film, and a Women & Gender Studies Minor. I can often be found analyzing television sitcoms from the 1970s for it's female representation, and hope to improve the entire media landscape for women. I believe that the change in representation comes solely from those creating the content, and hope to promote a media landscape where women are executives, writers, and producers. I have aspirations towards a master's degree in Feminist Media Studies and hope to focus my research on adolescent representation, and how young generations of women are being affected by our uneven representation in media. I am also fascinated by media's ability to cause social change, and the "memeification" culture emerging within Internet's new age of social justice. I love Internet humor, very specific cultural references, music for dads, and knitting. I am looking forward to these three weeks and am so excited to get started widening my view and understanding media literacy and international media.

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