Jiechen Liu

Chinese University of Hong Kong, N.T. Hong Kong

I am an MPhil student from school of Communication and Journalism, Chinese University of Hong Kong. My undergraduate study was fulfilled in Peking University. My major was Broadcasting Journalism with a LL.B double degree in International Relations and Foreign Affairs.

My recent research interest is within the field of rural area reconstruction through tourism industry. In the summer of 2013, I ran away from University and did one month ethnography in famous tourism villages in Yunnan. In addition to the interesting cultural products, what attracted me most was the pattern of how new settlers helped rural people reconstruct underdeveloped villages. New settlers are urban young people who ran away from modernized cities; they traveled and settled down in those underdeveloped areas. Along with their migration, values, knowledge, economic capital from developed area permeated underdeveloped area solidly.

Setting up tourism industry is one of their practices. The interactions are neither limited by produce and consume relationship, nor between local and tourist, but culturally and economically integrated. The reconstructed villages then turned to be famous, especially through tourism online community. How these people managed their village image through new media platform is interesting to study.

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