Xiaojing An

Chinese University of Hong Kong, N.T. Hong Kong

As noted, my name is An Xiaojing, a minority student from Northwest part of China. Born to be a Mulism, but not that devoted. Have lived in Beijing for 6 years, before study for a Doctor degree at Hong Kong. During my undergraduate years, I have majored in English and found myself absorbed in communication and politics. Later on, I furthered my study in Peking University and got a Master Degree in Communication. Ethnic background and personal experiences made me interested in the history and contemporary conditions of ethnic groups, especially in communication and cultural aspects. I am not quite ambitious to become a professional academic researcher. But I do believe that media in the modern society do mean a lot for what I concern with.That's why I choose to get a Ph.D in this field. I'm now study in The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and during last two years, have done some small researches on various subjects, for instance, how Orientalism influences Hong Kong news coverage of political and non-political issues in Xinjiang; how documentaries produced by Mainland China and Taiwan struggle for the narrations of Anti-Japanese War. My Doctoral dissertation is concerned with the impacts of western cultural influence and moderation on changing esthetic standards of male body image in contemporary China. I'm very glad to be one of you!

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