Yuping Zhang

Chinese University of Hong Kong, N.T. Hong Kong

I am from Luan, a small city in the central of Mainland China. After high school, I once lived in Nanjing, Beijing, and now in Hong Kong. My major was Broadcast, Television, and New Media in my undergraduate years, and Communication during my postgraduate years. I once was a bad student who almost dropped out from school. Thanks to my teachers, I finally went to a good university in China, and became a PhD student in 2012. Otherwise I won't have the possibility to participate in this program. And the movies, Dead Poet Society and Mona Lisa Smile inspired me a lot. Thus I decided to be a teacher, and I still have the same ambition, which is to help young people to explore their own roads of life. After finishing my undergraduate thesis discussing the tension between content sharing and copyright protection on the Internet, I became a firm supporter of the social movement of creative commons. I think the public and the private interest should be balanced to ensure the possibility of innovation and knowledge sharing. During my MPhil years, I joined a lesbian magazine in Beijing, and got involved in the activities of the LGBT community in Mainland China. I quoted Bell Hooks' words as the last title of my MPhil thesis, "love as the practice of freedom", and I believed at that time that the personal is the political, and with everyone's effort to make their own choices and be responsible in the area of intimate relationships, our society will become more diversified and tolerate, and the individuals will have the ability to gain more freedom. What's more, in this year, I decided the topic of my PhD thesis: the traveling stories of the feminist play the Vagina Monologues in China. I want to use this case to understand cultural globalization from an alternative perspective, and make contribution to the empirical research on alternative media, transnational feminism, and the feminist social movement in China.

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