Karim Chehab

American University of Beirut, Lebanon

Born and raised in Lebanon I spent all of my life in the culturally diverse area of Ras Beirut. I've grown up surrounded by old Pentium Pro and Pentium 2 based computers which lead to follow the technology path which I am still on today. As most teenagers of the time I had my fare share of video-gaming but always played games different from the mainstream. I never was someone to follow popular belief in technology.

It was only natural for me to enroll into the American University of Beirut's Computer and Communication Engineering program because of its walking distance from home and its exquisite campus. However, inspired by my grandfather who was the Editor-in-chief of ""Al-Mawed"" I admired Journalism and the technical aspect behind it.

Hence after taking a few courses in the MCOM department as electives I decided to double-major in MCOM along with my engineering degree, hoping to find a common link between both and enjoy working in both fields simultaneously.

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