James Watson


James WATSON is president of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, New York. As

president, Dr. Watson has developed the laboratory into an important world center

for advanced education in molecular biology. With the establishment of the Cold

Spring Harbor Laboratory Watson School of Biological Sciences, Dr. Watson has

resumed his role as a teacher. Dr. Watson’s research focused particularly on DNA.

In 1953, with his colleague, Francis Crick, he discovered the double helix. Professor

Watson became a faculty member of Harvard University in 1956, where he remained

until 1976. From 1988 to 1992 he was the first director of the National Institutes of

Health component of the Human Genome Project. Dr. Watson’s long-term interest

in education is demonstrated by his joint publication of three widely used textbooks:

Molecular Biology of the Gene, Molecular Biology of the Cell, and Recombinant

DNA. Dr. Watson received a Ph.D. from Indiana University.


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