Irmy Richardson

Correspondent, Bavarian Public Radio

Irmtraud “Irmy” RICHARDSON is a commentator and features writer for German Public Radio (Bayerischer Rundfunk - BR), based in Brussels. Before assuming this position in 1997, she worked for seventeen years as Brussels correspondent covering the European Union and NATO for German Public Radio. A veteran of nearly fifty summit meetings, she followed closely the process of European integration in the pre- and post-Maastricht era. The State Government of Bavaria, Germany, has awarded her the Europa Medal in recognition of her work. She has been a regular guest commentator on the weekly TV round-table broadcast 'Der Presseclub.' From November 1970 to July 1974, she worked as a current affairs editor for the 'Nord Deutscher Rundfunk' in Hamburg. Mrs. Richardson received an M.A. from the Freie Universität Berlin. She served as a resource specialist at Salzburg Seminar Session 385, Europe in the Global Community: Economics, Diplomacy, and Security, 2001, and she is a member of the Salzburg Seminar‘s Board of Directors.

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