Hafsat Abiola

Founder and Director, Kudirat Initiative for Democracy, Mitchellville, Maryland, and Lagos, Nigeria

Hafsat Abiola is founder and director of the Kudirat Initiative for Democracy (KIND), an organization based in Mitchelville, Maryland, and Lagos, that seeks to strengthen civil society and promote democracy in Nigeria. KIND has assisted in helping to restore democracy to Nigeria by organizing the National Day of Student Action in the United States involving more than 200 amnesty groups in support of Nigerian youth, and campaigns for successful passage of several resolution and sanction bills in major American cities and towns. With the end of military rule in Nigeria, KIND now offers organizational support, leadership development, and skills-training opportunities to women, youth, and community-based organizations in Nigeria and other African nations. Ms. Abiola is also a Fellow of the Fetzer Institute and serves on the Boards of the Youth Employment Summit, Educate Girls Globally, Women's Learning Partnership, Hewlett Packard's World e-Inclusion Project, and the Global Security Institute. She is a featured writer in the International Herald Tribune, New York Times, Tell, Time, and Newsweek. Ms. Abiola received a B.A. from Harvard University, Cambridge Massachusetts, USA.


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