Hisham El-Zayat

Senior Lecturer in the Institute of Graduate Studies and Research, Alexandria University, Egypt

Hisham Elzayat is a senior lecturer in the Institute of Graduate Studies and Research of Alexandria University. He is also a freelance science and technology writer. Hisham is deeply interested in using arts, history, public wisdom, and other creative ideas for communicating difficult scientific and technological topics. His two popular science books on environmental management and desalination were highly commended and published by Zayed International Foundation for the Environment. His science & technology writing and teaching are characterized by a deep human touch and holistic global knowledge. He is a Humphrey fellow since 2001. He attended several Salzburg Global Seminar Sessions, most recently Session 558, Untapped Talent: Can Better Testing and Data Accelerate Creativity in Learning and Societies?, in 2015.


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