Francis Pisani


Francis PISANI is Regent’s Lecturer at the Graduate School of Journalism, University

of California at Berkeley. He is also the publisher of, which brings

news and analysis on information technology to Latinos in Europe, Latin American,

and the US. Dr. Pisani worked as a freelance journalist contributing articles on

technology for the newspapers El País, Le Monde and Reforma. Since 1994, he

has also been teaching a seminar at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico on

hypertext and electronic writing. Dr. Pisani began his career in journalism in 1968,

when he was a stringer for Agence France Presse reporting in Saigon during the

Tet Offensive, and in Prague during the Soviet invasion. For the next twenty years

he traveled extensively throughout Latin America as a correspondent for various

dailies and radio stations. He also spent one year, 1992, at Harvard University as a

Nieman Fellow, where he studied information technology and its impact on journalism.

From 1993 to 1995, Dr. Pisani was the regional (Latin America) correspondent for

Le Monde Diplomatiue, and Radio France International. He holds a Ph.D. in

Latin American studies from La Sorbonne University in Paris. Dr. Pisani served as

a faculty member at Salzburg Seminar Session 347, Journalism in the Information

Age, 1997.


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