Fernando Pombo

President, International Bar Association; Chairman and Founding Partner, Gomez-Acebo & Pombo, Madrid

Fernando POMBO is founder and senior partner of Gomez-Acebo & Pombo, an independent law firm in Spain, and president of the International Bar Association (2007-2008). He has been a professor at the School of Law, University of Salzburg, since 1985, and taught at the Center for International Studies, University of Madrid. Dr. Pombo is the author of Doing Business in Spain, published by Matthew Bender, and of several other publications on litigation, telecommunications, licensing, mergers and acquisitions, competition law, oil and gas, commercial law, and privatization. He is a member of the Bar Associations of Madrid, Burgos, Bilbao, Valencia, Barcelona, and Málaga; vice-chairman of the Advisory Board of The Center for American and International Law; and life fellow of the American Bar Foundation. Dr. Pombo received an LL.M. in philosophy and law from the Universities of Oviedo and Madrid and a Ph.D.

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