Ethar El-Katatney

Journalist, blogger, author, former staff writer at Egypt Today

Ethar EL-KATATNEY is an award-winning journalist, a blogger, and an author. She has worked as a staff writer at Egypt Today, the leading current affairs magazine in the Middle East, and at its sister magazine, Business Today Egypt. She was also a contributor to Muslimah Media Watch, a website that critiques how Muslim women are represented in the media and popular culture. She has won acclaim in recent years for her articles "Dangerous Blood" on Hepatitis C in Egypt, "The Business of Islam", and "Identity Crisis 101" and authored Forty days and Forty nights in Yemen. Ms. El-Katatney holds a B.A. in business, and M.B.A., and an M.A. in television and digital journalism from the American University in Cairo.


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