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In the Spirit of European Cooperation

Introductory remarks by Yves Mersch, member of the Executive Board of the ECB and vice-chair of the Supervisory Board of the ECB, at Salzburg Global Finance Forum webinar

Seda Röder - How Can Corporate Directors Become More Resilient Before The Next Disruptive Event?

In the latest installment of the Salzburg Questions for Corporate Governance series, Seda Röder asks directors to consider corporate liquidity and flexibility in times of disruptive crisis

Pakistan’s Best Kept Secret: Lahore Museum 

Multi-time Salzburg Global Fellow, Anwar Akhtar on why his film – made with Ajoka Theatre – “Pakistan’s Best Kept Secret: Lahore Museum”, has much to say about peace, for both South Asia and the UK

Education, Solidarity, and Support in the Time of the Coronavirus

Salzburg Global Fellow Salam Dharejo, taking part in the Asia Peace Innovators Forum, outlines the work of the Lyari’s Girls Café in Karachi, Pakistan, during a lockdown

Black Lives Matter: Toppling Colston - Vandalism or Vindication?

Historian and former Salzburg Global Vice President, Timothy Ryback launches new blog series on Contested Histories

Empowering Youth Through Conflict Sensitivity on Transboundary Water Conflict

Salzburg Global Fellow Sudarat Tuntivivat, taking part in the Asia Peace Innovators Forum, reflects on the role of young peacebuilders in the Mekong River basin

Stephanie Bertels - What Role Should Corporate Directors Play in Reshaping Our Global Economy?

Academic Stephanie Bertels outline four ways for organizations to address structural and cultural inequalities in latest installment on Salzburg Questions for Corporate Governance

Education Should Be Open Access

Producing educational resources can be lucrative, but licensing protections keep such materials out of reach for many of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged learners. How can we foster open access?

Is Philanthropy Using Inequitable Practices to Achieve Equity?

Lindsay Hill, Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Raikes Foundation and Dwayne Proctor, Senior Adviser to the President, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation open the new series of Salzburg Questions

Stacy Baird - Is the COVID-19 Crisis an Opportunity for Corporations to Invest in Workforce Transformation?

In the latest installment of the Salzburg Questions for Corporate Governance series, Stacy Baird, consulting director at TRPC Pte, reflects on the need for corporations to prepare for the fourth Industrial Revolution
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