Local Community Helps Celebrate Salzburg Global's 70th Anniversary




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Jul 28, 2017
by Salzburg Global Seminar
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Local Community Helps Celebrate Salzburg Global's 70th Anniversary

More than 100 guests convene at Schloss Leopoldskron to join in anniversary celebrations The event took place at Schloss Leopoldskron with lunch served in the Marble Hall

Distinguished guests, board members, and friends of Salzburg Global Seminar gathered together for a special luncheon.

The event, hosted at Schloss Leopoldskron, took place on Friday afternoon as part of Salzburg Global's 70th anniversary celebrations.

More than 100 guests enjoyed a reception in the Great Hall and on the Schloss Terrace before having lunch in the Marble Hall. 

Dessert was served afterward in the Max Reinhardt Library and the Chinese Room, as Schloss Leopoldskron opened its doors to members of Salzburg's community.

The festivities were made complete with a surprise musical performance from Salzburg Landestheater's children's choir, who sang a selection of songs from The Sound of Music.

The luncheon provided an opportunity for Salzburg Global to express its gratitude for the continued support it has received from the city throughout its 70-year history.

It also enabled those unfamiliar with the institution to learn more about the work which has been achieved and the role Salzburg Global plays for others – both in the local area and around the world.

Salzburg Global's President Stephen Salyer welcomed guests and provided a few remarks for the occasion.

He said: “At our 40th anniversary in 1987, Clemens Heller spoke for the three founders saying, ‘What we did was not done with the intention of creating an institution. Its survival as an institution is due to other people, not us… There is a feeling of astonishment and gratitude toward the people who make this thing go on and live, and who preserve the castle in the state in which we now see it.’

“30 years later, Heller’s statement still rings true. We add today that the people of Salzburg are actively helping 'this thing go on and live,' and for that we are deeply grateful.”

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Salyer discussed the origins of the Salzburg Global and its existing connections with the community - highlighting partnerships with the University of Salzburg and the Mozarteum University, among others.

He confirmed Salzburg Global would mark the 100th anniversary of Max Reinhardt’s return to Salzburg and purchase of the Schloss. Guests were also informed about the first-ever Salzburg Global Day, which took place earlier this month, and the hundreds of memories which were shared by Salzburg Global Fellows.

Salyer said, “These images and anecdotes – available on salzburgglobal.org – feature men and women from diverse places, interacting intensely as they share ideas, propose solutions, and forge breakthroughs.

“Their joy in finding commonalities across borders, with kindred spirits they will know for the rest of their lives is the shared DNA that makes this institution unique.

“Austrian men and women take their place in our programs alongside senior leaders and rising innovators from every part of the world.

“Their contributions make this institution stronger, and their presence introduces the world to all what makes Austria such a remarkable place to live and work. 

“As we celebrate 70 years, we are proud to be part of the Salzburg community, and to be contributing to the future of Austria.”

The event was featured on Austrian broadcaster ORF2. Watch the video online (available for a limited time only).