We challenge current and future leaders to shape a better world

Bridge divides

Convene outstanding talent across generations, sectors and cultures

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Expand collaboration

Foster lasting networks and partnerships for creative, just and sustainable change

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Transform systems

Inspire new thinking and action on critical issues, connecting local innovators and global resources

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A Positive Space in a Polarizing World

The world is facing growing polarization not seen since the Cold War. Fissures erupt between differing political systems, cultures, religions and generations as understanding and respect for the “other” deteriorates. Bridging divides has been fundamental to Salzburg Global Seminar since our beginning and today remains central to our mission to shape a better world.

From Students to Statesmen

Targeting people at the cutting edge of change — whether they are college students, artists, civil society activists or central bankers — our programs help bridge divides on the ground and in the mind. 

Combined Efforts, Maximum Effect

As American writer and social activist Helen Keller once said: “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” To this end, Salzburg Global Seminar seeks to expand collaboration between its Fellows and institutional partners, fostering lasting networks and partnerships for creative, just and sustainable change. 

From Ideas to Impact

Collaborating with Salzburg Global Seminar provides people and institutions with opportunities to expand their work, launch new joint initiatives, and advance shared agendas. To foster lasting networks and partnerships, we are integrating a range of practical activities for impact into our program design. 

Radical Reinvention

“Change fixes the past. Transformation creates the future.” With seven decades of experience to inform its leadership, Salzburg Global Seminar has the vision to inspire breakthroughs that can not only change but truly transform systems.

From Local to Global

To transform systems and shape long-term change on the critical issues of our time, Salzburg Global designs and implements multi-year program series that inspire new thinking and action, connecting both local and international innovators with global resources.

Lala Pasquinelli – It’s Important for Artists to Experience Salzburg Global Seminar

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Language Learning and Integration in a Globalized World

New report explores the importance of multilingualism and inclusive language policy 

The Asia We Want - A Clean and Green Asia

Report from the first in new series on regional cooperation in Asia offers innovative solutions to achieve “a clean and green Asia”

Connecting Local Innovators with Global Resources

New report from the Salzburg Global Forum for Young Cultural Innovators chronicles how the annual convening in Austria is building a dynamic and impactful global network

Report now online Building a Global Community - Salzburg Global LGBT Forum: The First Five Years

Publication chronicling the progress, successes and impact of the Salzburg Global LGBT Forum and its Fellows is now available to read, download and share

Report now online - The Courageous Director - Can Corporations Better Serve People, Planet, and Profit?

Report from the latest session of the Salzburg Global Forum on Corporate Governance now available to read, download and share

Report now online - Life and Justice in America: Implications of the New Administration

Salzburg Seminar American Studies Association reflects on the first year of US President Donald Trump

Urgency, Trust and Complexity - Key Concerns for Public Service

Report from the Public Sector Strategy Round Table addresses constraints and opportunities for the sector's future