Salzburg Global Chronicle 2018


70 Years of Salzburg Global Seminar

When Salzburg Global Seminar’s three founders looked across the Atlantic to war-torn Europe in 1947, courage underpinned their vision for a “Marshall Plan of the Mind.” Seventy years on, as Salzburg Global renewed its mission to challenge current and future leaders to shape a better world, “courage” became the natural theme for our 70th Anniversary program. 

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In recent years, cracks have widened in societies and institutions across the planet, compounded by a mix of insecurity, disillusionment and isolationism. Authoritarian leaders are on the rise. The rule of law and representative democracy face new threats. Progress on complex global challenges is too slow and too fragmented. 

Still, the world is in a better position than ever before to tackle these critical issues. There is an open marketplace for ideas, innovation and invention. The capacity to leverage big data and apply artificial intelligence to every walk of life has enormous potential if handled responsibly. Opportunities to engage and collaborate across borders have never been greater. 

In Salzburg, we are privileged to meet people with courage from all walks of life. People who lead countries, cities and companies. People who speak truth to power, express artistic voice and freedom, develop breakthrough technologies, build coalitions for change and see through tough choices. In divided societies, people need courage to stay true to their beliefs. Together, we need courage to rekindle our collective imagination to rebuild society from the bottom up and the top down.

Our 2017 Yearbook draws these rich strands together. It provides an overview of our activities and partnerships in Salzburg and around the world, highlighting our multi-year program goals and the concrete outcomes driving short and longer-term impact. We wish you good reading and look forward to working with you in the future. 

Clare Shine
Vice President and Chief Program Officer