Salzburg Global Chronicle 2016

Last Word

Leadership That Matters

Whenever someone asks me “What does Salzburg Global Seminar do?”, my answer is this: “We create leaders for the future who will be agents of change in many fields, many countries, and in many ways.” And it has been ever thus. Since our first Seminar in 1947, young leaders have gathered at the Schloss to engage with experts in their field, to find mentors that will see them into the future, and to discuss and argue with respect and civility. This has not changed in the last 69 years. 

What has changed is the speed at which participants, both attendees and the leaders that teach them, can communicate and, indeed, what they can communicate to the outside world. The outcomes of Salzburg Global are now finding a much wider audience and, in fact, helping to change the world in a much more efficient and powerful way. We are proud of this, and it is one of the reasons our Board of Directors is so dedicated to keeping Salzburg Global safe for future generations. We are fortunate to have Directors from all over the world that care deeply about creating leadership that matters. We are also fortunate to have a staff that clearly understands our mission and does exemplary work throughout the year at every single Salzburg Global session.  All of us believe in the future and our ability to be agents of change. I hope you will attend a Seminar at Salzburg Global as often as you can.  It will change your life.

Heather Sturt Haaga,Chair of the Board