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Salzburg Academy on Media and Global Change 21 Jul - 10 Aug, 2013
ACADEMYSalzburg Academy on Media and Global Change21 Jul - 10 Aug, 2013




    The Salzburg Academy on Media and Global Change is a multi-dimensional initiative that provides curricular materials, training and support for journalism schools, programs and classrooms across the world. It is organized through a network of participating universities in China, East Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, the UK, Latin and North America and brings together expert faculty and around 70 students, from undergraduate to PhD level.

    The Academy's objective is to lead the creation of global media literacy curricula, multimedia stories, and comparative research, and to become a leading hub for global media education in the 21st century. The curriculum developed over the past six years has led to the publication of 'News Literacy: Global Perspectives for the Newsroom and the Classroom' by Academy Director, Paul Mihailidis.

    Students work in international teams and across disciplines.

    Key questions to be addressed by students include:

    • How do news media affect our understanding of ourselves, our cultures, our politics?
    • How can we use media to better cover global problems and better report on possible solutions?
    • How can media literacy make students more engaged citizens?

    Each year, participants build web-based and downloadable lesson modules on how global media cover issues of critical importance. Past topics have included Terrorism, Climate Change, Religion and Civic Voice and Protest.

    The overarching theme in 2013 will be 'Global Cities'. Students will identify emerging challenges to urban life in their respective cities (housing, water, violence, unemployment, security, corruption, etc.) and analyze how media may exacerbate this problem and/or be a solution to the issue, distinguishing between the different types of media platforms as well as media outlets. The results will be published under the auspices of the Salzburg Academy on Media and Global Change in association with the 'On Cities' initiative at the University of Miami.

    For more information on the Salzburg Academy on Media and Global Change and to see the curricular tools that the students created, CLICK HERE


    • The tuition for the Salzburg Academy (for those not in U.S. universities and seeking college credit) is 4800.00 US Dollars.
    • Applications for the program can be found by clicking here: ACADEMY APPLICATIONS
    • Institutions wishing to become partners of the Academy should contact Dr. Paul Mihailidis pmihailidis@salzburgglobal.org, 516-463-5226
    • Foundations, and other organizations interested in learning more about how they can become involved in the Program should also contact Dr. Paul Mihailidis at the details above.


    Cecilia Balbin
    International Relations Coordinator for the School of Social Sciences, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Argentina (UCA)
    Stuart Brotman
    Sanjeev Chatterjee
    Award Winning Documentary Media Maker; Professor, University of Miami School of Communication, USA
    William Dobson
    Politics & Foreign Affairs Editor for Slate
    May Farah
    Assistant Professor of Media Studies, American University of Beirut, Lebanon
    Meg Fromm
    Assistant Professor, Colorado Mesa University; Educational Initiatives Director, Journalism Education Association, USA
    Roman Gerodimos
    Principal Academic in Global Current Affairs, Bournemouth University (UK), Greece
    Eric Gordon
    Associate Professor, Department of Visual and Media Arts, Emerson College, USA
    Manuel Guerrero Martinez
    Dean of Communication Studies, Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico
    Justeen Hyde
    Senior Scientist, Institute for Community Health in Cambridge, and Lecturer, Harvard Medical School, USA
    Anthony Ioannidis
    Usability & Corporate Training Expert, Founder of IAsquare, UK
    Xiguang Li
    Mireya Marquez Ramirez
    Professor and Researcher, Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico
    Jad Melki
    Associate Professor, Journalism and Media Studies, and Chairperson, Department of Communication Arts, Lebanese American University, Lebanon
    Susan Moeller
    Professor & Director, International Center for Media and the Public Agenda, University of Maryland, USA & Co-founder, Salzburg Academy
    Stephen Reese
    Jesse H. Jones Professor of Journalism, Moody College of Communication, The University of Texas at Austin, USA
    Moses Shumow
    Assistant Professor of Journalism and Broadcasting, School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Florida International University, USA
    Martin Solik