Strengthening Independent Media



Goals of the SIM Initiative include:

  • Better mapping of the field internationally, including flows of private and public funding
  • Identification of promising independent media projects and strategies that deserve greater investment
  • Increase interest and investment in the independent media development
  • Demonstrate increased interest in and support for international journalism work among media development funders, especially new media investors and individual philanthropists
  • Develop strategies and recommendations will be taken up and put into practice participants and the organizations/networks they represent
  • Motivate new interest and involvement in independent media development

The 2009 media and governance donors meeting, held as part of the Strengthening Independent Media Initiative, ended on October 11, following four days of discussions and dialogue among some of the largest and most influential donor organizations and private foundations in the world.

The meeting itself, Governance, Media, and Development: Aligning Strategies to Maximize Results, was followed by a full day of private discussions among donor agencies and foundations. This discussion, and those that preceded it, highlighted some key areas for continuing collaboration and additional investment. A report from the meeting is currently being drafted around six findings.

1. The Need for Collaboration on Research and Indices

2. Making a More Complete Economic Case: Need to Involve More Economists and Political Economists in the Media Development Community

3. The Need to Focus Resources on Accountability for Development Impact -- Four Areas of Strategy Alignment

4. The Need for Investment and Partnerships in Transparency and Legal Defense Initiatives

5. Rethink What A Media Investor Is: Need to Collaborate on Flexible Investment and Micro-Funding Vehicles for Transparency and Accountability in Digital Media

6. The Need for Structured Information Sharing and an Online Information "Ecosystem" for Donors