Mellon-Global Citizenship Program

Global Education Visiting Specialist Series

TheGlobal Education Visiting Specialist Series allows three or more institutions to jointly invite a national or international expert on a topic related to global citizenship education to visit each of their institutions over the course of approximately one week. The visiting specialist will ideally spend 1-2 days at each college or university during which time s/he will engage in a variety of activities. The host institutions are encouraged to arrange different formats for the specialists, such as:


  • meeting with and advising senior administrators on institutional strategies for global citizenship education;
  • conducting faculty development activities; 
  • delivering lectures; 
  • or other activities depending on the needs and desires of the host institutions.


The purpose of these structured, short and cost-effective consultations is to combine a “consultant” visit with an intentional effort to mobilize high visibility and strong support among key stakeholders for the global citizenship education initiatives at the respective campuses.

Funds are available to support seven visiting specialists during the course of the M-GCP. The deadline for proposals for the 2015 Visiting Specialist Series has passed. A request for proposals for the 2016 Series will be issued in the summer of 2015.