Mellon-Global Citizenship Program

Study Away Incentive Program

The Study Away Incentive Program will allow groups of two or more institutions to design and implement joint study away activities that include a global citizenship education focus. These could involve an arrangement whereby students visit one another’s campuses for joint experiential and classroom learning activities, or they could involve students from two or more institutions traveling to a common study away destination for a more typical study away program.

Study away can be a very powerful tool to familiarize students with local manifestations and impacts of global developments – and the constellation of ACA and HBCU institutions involved in this project offers a unique opportunity to do so: For example, by developing an integrated curriculum that includes a study away component, students from urban and rural settings could learn about the consequences of rapid urbanization as a global phenomenon and conversely explore ways of mitigating environmental degradation in forest and coal mining regions as two interdependent aspects of the same process of globalization. 

Funds are available to partially support four study away programs during the course of the M-GCP. The deadline for proposals for the 2015 Visiting Specialist Series has passed. A request for proposals for the 2016 Series will be issued in the summer of 2015.