Salzburg Global Seminar Scholarship Program

The Salzburg Global Scholarship Program represents our institutional values, supports our core activities, and facilitates the realization of our global vision: to challenge present and future leaders to solve problems of global concern.

Our scholarship program helps ensure geographic diversity, enabling Salzburg Global to reflect its mission and the changing balance of influence and power in the world. Scholarships provide opportunities for young leaders from emerging countries to take part in Salzburg Global Seminar programs, to develop global networks, and to share the ideas and creativity of a rising generation. They provide a means for rising leaders to gain early experience of the benefits of collaborative problem solving over narrow self-interest.

Salzburg Global works with 30 scholarship providers from nine countries, providing approximately 200 annual scholarships, including endowed (50 scholarships in 2014) and grant-based (150 scholarships in 2014), to some of the world’s most outstanding young professionals at critical inflection points in their careers.


Scholarship Program: Four Core Objectives

  • Accelerate change in fields of interest and urgency
    We work with partners and supporters to identify, convene, and engage active leaders and innovators who can accelerate bold changes in fields of interest and urgency.

  • Support the next generation of regional and national leaders
    We seek to engage future leaders and innovators from all major regions of the world.

  • Promote innovative models for teaching, learning, and creative policy-making
    Our Scholarship Program supports professors, researchers, and policy makers dedicated to the advancement of knowledge and human progress.

  • Represent the missing voices of society
    Founded on the idea of equality and respect for human dignity, we have always sought to ensure that under-represented and marginalized groups are represented in global dialogues.

Participant Feedback

Through their participation in Salzburg Global Seminar programs, scholarship recipients have the opportunity to:

  • Develop bonds with current and future leaders;
  • Increase their connections across political, sectoral, cultural, and ideological barriers;
  • Initiate new partnerships, projects and cooperation across national boundaries.

Salzburg Global scholarship recipients often remark that their participation at our programs marked a seminal moment in their careers by developing new professional trajectories and opportunities as direct result of their scholarship. Evaluations from Salzburg Global Seminar Fellows indicate:

  • More than 90 percent developed new professional relationships;
  • 80 percent acquired new skills and ideas to apply to their work;
  • More than 65 percent started a new project, cooperative program, policy proposal, or actionable recommendation related to the issues discussed
  • More than 60 percent engaged in follow-on activity to the session.

How to Apply

In order to ensure individuals from a wide variety of sectors and countries can take part in Salzburg Global Seminar programs, where funding allows, Salzburg Global offers a limited number of scholarships and discounts to participants and Salzburg Global Fellows from universities, research institutes, think-tanks, non-governmental organizations, and public officials from developing (non-OECD) countries. If you would like to apply for a scholarship to attend a Salzburg Global Seminar program, please send your CV or brief bio as well as a personal statement to