The following individuals and organizations have provided support in the form of an endowed gift that maintains Salzburg Global's ability to continue work in areas of strategic concern, develop programs with partners around the globe, improve operations and support the diversity of participants in our programs.


  • Huffington Centennial Fund
  • Huffington Foundation Endowment
  • Presidential Endowment Fund
  • Robison Family Endowment
  • W.K. Kellogg Foundation Endowment


  • General Library Endowment
  • Jean Blodgett Memorial Book Fund
  • Kenneth Sawyer Goodman Dewey Memorial Book Fund
  • McGowan Family Endowment


  • Bailey Morris-Eck Lectureship on International Media, Economics and Trade
  • Henry M. Brandon Memorial Lectureship on Contemporary European History
  • Ithiel De Sola Pool Endowed Lecture on the Impact of Communications Technology on Society and Politics
  • Jacques Delors Lectureship on the State of the European Union


  • Thomas Mansbach Endowment
  • The John Taylor Concert Series


  • 21st Century Trust
  • Ann M. Hoefle Memorial Fellowship
  • Bates African Fellowship
  • Elizabeth S. MacMillan Fellowship
  • Emory Elliott Endowment Fund
  • Huffington Family Fellowship
  • Llewellyn Thompson Memorial Fellowship
  • McKnight Foundation Fellowship
  • The Mundheim Family Scholarship Fund
  • The Nippon Foundation
  • Onodera Fellowship
  • Penn Fellows Endowment Fund
  • Walter and Gisela Roberts Endowment Fund
  • Frederic Winthrop Fellowship Fund