Jennifer Crouch

Artist in Residence, University College London Center for Advance Biomedical Imaging, London, United Kingdom

Jennifer Crouch is an artist specializing in projects that combine art and science. Her work tends to consist of vast, detailed paintings; drawings; ceramic/glass ornaments and participatory works of art. One of the objectives of her work is to explore various modes of representation - from drawings, computer simulations and metaphor to biomedical images and mathematics - and examine how these modes are used in discovery, communication and knowledge-creation. She is the current and founding Artist in Residence at the University College London's Centre for Advanced Biomedical Imaging. Ms. Crouch has worked as an artist alongside scientists at the Natural History Museum, the Gordon Museum of Pathology, Queen Mary University and Imperial College London, and illustrated for the Anatomy Department at St George's University. She is the co-founder of the art-physics project "Jiggling Atoms", which explores the role of the visual arts in the communication and understanding of science, and promotes creative thought and practice in everyday life while demonstrating how science percolates into daily life. She has lectured at Central Saint Martins, Camberwell College of Art, The Arts University Bournemouth and Northampton University. Ms. Crouch's work has been exhibited prolifically and was used in the recent Paddington Bear film. Ms. Crouch holds a B.Sc. in Physics from The University of Aberdeen, a B.A. in Illustration from Camberwell College and a post-graduate degree in Medical Illustration from the Medical Artists Educational Trust.