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Salzburg Global Chronicle – President's Report 2016

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"This is the 70th year that men and women have walked through the gates of Schloss Leopoldskron in Salzburg seeking fresh perspective and breakthrough ideas. Every Salzburg Global Fellow I meet has a story to tell. Most give vivid accounts of ideas challenged, friendships formed, collaborations launched, and strategies accelerated.

The power and recurrence of the through lines in their accounts is striking. Whether from South or North, public or private sectors, young or senior, each Fellow claims to gain insight, inspiration, and velocity from his or her Salzburg experience.

In a world in which digital connectivity is a constant, the desire for face-to-face convening appears to be making a comeback. More and more we ask: How can we add value and quality to human interaction through convening in the real world, not just the virtual? How can we create opportunities for thoughtful reflection? Can we harness data and creativity to inform strategy? Is it possible to combine introspection with innovation and leadership?

In an earlier era, Salzburg Global programs lasted for weeks, not days. Today's shorter sessions succeed with very diverse participants and formats that challenge Fellows to break beyond the limits of their cultural silos and political and media echo chambers.

Today's programs - whether for young people early in their career, innovators and leaders to "solve" a shared problem, or senior leaders to consider disruptive scenarios and how to make the most of them - all offer a stage on which risk-taking roles can be rehearsed and new scenes imagined.

The following pages spotlight recent collaborations, statements, strategies, events, organizations, and much more that result directly from Salzburg Global's convening and program partnerships. We are increasingly an institution where the "going out" is just as important as the "coming in" through our gates. As ever, it all begins with the opportunity to reflect, to test, to invent, and to share with others committed to accelerating positive change in the world."

Stephen L. Salyer
President & CEO, Salzburg Global Seminar